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10mm Shear Cut / Hollower


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10mm shear cut Idigbo

10mm or 12mm Shear cut / Hollower
This is my new shear cutting / hollowing chisel. Designed mainly for
smaller projects, this chisel has a 10mm AU round cutter fitted to a10mm square bar at a 45 degree angle giving the perfect cutting
angle to leave a clean finish to the work peice. used either right or left, the bar is held flat on the tool rest and the cutter will be presented to give the perfect cut working off the front of the cutter.
This also makes it very good for hollowing. This can be with a push or pull cut, a pull cut is the easiest to use, but either way always work off the front of the cutter and keep the bar flat on the tool rest.
This chisel is also avalable with the larger 12mm AU cutter for use on larger projects. The chisel is made with the same 10mm square bar and the cutter fitted at 45 degrees to give the same perfect cutting angle, which also helps to avoid catches. Please select
10 mm or 12 mm in the drope box below..
PLEASE NOTE, the 12mm cutter will not fit the 10mm chisel and the 10mm cutter will not fit the 12mm chisel. These are two separate chisels and cutters are not interchangeable ..
£28.00 Free UK post.  For Over Seas Please Contact For Price
DUE TO HIGH DEMAND CHISELS ARE BEING MADE TO ORDER SO PLEASE ALLOW 3 WORKING DAYS FOR DESATCH. Once purchased you will recieve an email telling you when your chisel will be posted.



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