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Standard Type Short handle chisel set

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Standard Type Short Handle Chisel Set
This is my short handle chisel set using my standard type cutters. With this set you get  1 x 12mm round cutter, 1 x 14mm square cutter, 1 x detail cutter,
The cutters are fitted to a 6 inch 10mm bright steel bar and 9 inch hard wood beech handle. This set is the same as my standard type 3 set,  just with a short handle. This makes them ideal for use for smaller projects and for use with midi lathes when you don't need the longer handle. The more time I have spent using these cutters the more impressed I am with them, they make light work of the hardest wood and leave a good clean finish, great
for all types of woodturning.
£85.00 free uk postage .
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