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Woodcrafts and Carbide Chisels Supplies


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My carbide chisels are individually hand made.  The handles are turned from carefully selected kiln dried timber.  They are sanded to a 180 grit, sealed and given a wax finish making them pleasing to the eye.  But more importantly very functional in use.  The bar is of bright steel which is ground and shaped to hold a carbide insert.  The carbide inserts are more resistant to wear and hold a sharp edge for longer than HSS steel, giving you more time cutting and less time sharpening. 

Square Carbide Chisel:  Also known as a roughing chisel by wood turners.  Ideally suited to straight plunge cuts and removing wood quickly and efficiently.  It is also very versatile - for facing off the base of bowls in preparation for forming your tenon for mounting in your chuck - turning smaller lighter jobs like pen turning and small detial work.

Round Carbide Cutter:  Commonly known as a finishing tool. Equally as good at roughing but mostly used for the shaping and finishing cuts of your project.  Ideally suited for the hollowing of bowls.  A very easy tool to use with out the annoying tendency for catches associated with gouges.

Detail Carbide Chisel:  The shape of cutter is ideally suited for forming beads and coves and all the finer detailed cuts.  An excellent chisel for forming dovetail tenons for mounting your piece on your chuck.

The above chisels come in both long handled and short handled versions to suit every woodturning situation, from the largest bowl to the smallest finial. 

As with all my chisels you will find there is much more versatility given a little time and practise to get to know your tools.

It has often been thought that a carbide cutter once it becomes dull can only be thrown away, this is not so.  A carbide cutter can be resharpened many times using a diamond file taking it back to a sharp edge.

Replacement cutters are available for all my chisels. Details are supplied with the Chisels when purchased.

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