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GT Hollower 9mm cutter




                      This is my GT Hollower 9mm Round Cutter

 This is my new and unique hollowing chisel. It is designed for the hollowing of vases and hollow forms, as well as to undercut tight under the lip or opening. The tool is made using 12mm x 10mm Bright steel sheet and cut to shape by water jet giving a very strong and perfect shaped bar. The bar is fitted with a 9mm round cutter, the cutter  is my standard type with a flat profile to help avoid catches.  The handle is made from solid Beech or Idigbo depending on stock. The handle is made to the same size and shape as my other chisels but to compensate the bar being heavier and having to overhang the tool bar more, I have made it chunkier giving it more weight to balance the tool.  As with all my tools, you need to take time to learn the right way to use them, ( the same with any tool )  Hollowing has got to be the hardest part of turning to master, and when going in to hard kiln dried end grain, very hard work but this chisel has got to be the best ( shaped ) hollowing tool I have used. I can't say you wont get a catch or two but that happens with any tool and to the best of us, just give yourself time to learn and you will find this a joy to use. Please be aware the end shaped part of the bar must always over hang your tool rest to avoid the chisel twisting in use.



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